7: Media

I’m joining Marla for another read-a-long.  You can find all posts in this series here.

Media was one of the chapters I was dreading the most.  Because there is no question about it, I am addicted to my laptop and the internet.

I’ve made some progress over the past year.  I used to have my laptop on our kitchen table.  While my daughter was eating breakfast and lunch and even when my husband was home for dinner, I’d be looking at my laptop while eating.

I would bring up things I was reading about to discuss with my husband, but still, how disrespectful!  As I thought about how I’d feel if my husband entertained himself with something else while I was in the room with him, I decided to move my laptop permanently to my desk.  My husband is a gamer, but one thing I love about him is that as soon as I walk over to his desk, he takes off his headphones, and gives me his complete attention.

I haven’t been on facebook for 3 or so years now.  When I got married, I moved to a new city and had a hard time finding a job.  I didn’t know anyone here, so I spent a lot of time online.  Oh, and it was the first time I’d had unlimited internet access at home, so this was new (and exciting) territory for me.  After a few months, I realized I was spending lots of time on facebook, stalking people I never even talked to.  So, I decided to close my account.

And, I haven’t really missed it!  I found that a lot of people who I did keep in touch with on facebook, faded from my life altogether once I wasn’t on there anymore.  It seems emails or phone calls were too much work.

I definitely think there are wonderful benefits to the internet.  If my toddler has  symptoms that are bothersome to me, I can type them in and get an idea of what’s going on.  And if I need to take her to the ER, or it can wait til the morning or if it’s something that will pass on it’s own.

And it’s fun to show my toddler things on the computer.   Last Christmas we saw antlers on a car in a parking lot and my daughter loved them.  Whenever we’d drive somewhere she’d look for them on other cars.  We did see them a few more times, but not as often as she’d like.  So, from time to time I pull up a picture of a car with antlers on it for her to enjoy.

Just last week we were at the park and saw someone parachuting!  I tried to point the person out to her, but I’m not sure if she saw them or not.  I told her I’d show her a picture of what a parachuter looked like on the computer.

So, yes, of course the internet and computers in general have benefits.  But, I think we all know that they have downsides as well.  For example, ignoring our families so we can catch up on the latest online, neglecting real life friendships for online friendships, etc.

I haven’t given much thought to what a media fast will look like for me.  Quite frankly, I’m terrified at the thought of being computer less, or even cutting back my computer time.

I think once we are done with the read-a-long, I’ll go through the book again and ask God to show me what he’d have me do for each topic.

P.S. Thank you for praying for my sister and her family last week. They are still congested, but definitely getting better. Could I ask for prayer for my friend, Amy? Her husband was injured on the job a few weeks ago, then her grandpa died, now they’ve found that her Dad’s cancer has returned. She is expecting and has started a new job and is just overwhelmed and tired.  Thank you!


2 thoughts on “7: Media

  1. There is a lot to digest in this book. I like your idea of going back and asking God about each topic. It seems I could spend a lot of time in most areas! I too, took a facebook break. It was so good for me. I am back on, but the year I was without it taught me a lot about me.
    Thanks for the post!

  2. I think you do a good job here of pointing out both the positives and negatives of media… I think you’re right with thinking the next step is going back through the back and asking God for wisdom to do what’s next in each area. 🙂 Good idea!

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