Project Simplify {Week 3} Closets

Hall closet before:

Sorry the picture is so dark.  This closet is in a really weird spot where there’s not much light and I can’t stand far enough back (there’s a wall in the way) to take a picture at a normal angle).

You can see the top of a package of toilet paper sitting on the floor.  It was originally  precariously stacked on top of the bags and fell right out when I opened the door!

See all those plastic bags?  They are full of empty toilet paper rolls.  I started collecting them when my nephew needed them for school.  The problem?  I never stopped!  I have a few friends that can use them for craft projects, but it had been a while since I’d given any away.  I found over 190 in my closet!! Fortunately, I found a few friends willing to take them all off my hands immediately.  Phew!

I also found a small dirt devil vacuum cleaner in the closet!  I’m sure it was my husbands before we were married, but how did I not know about it?  Or did I just forget about it?  I’m glad to know we have it.  There have been times that I’ve wished I had a hand-held vacuum.

There was a box with some small picture frames that we had used as centerpieces at our wedding reception.  I put them in a Ziploc bag instead and they take up MUCH less room now.

I also removed the unused hangers and put them in our clothes closet.

Closet after:

I’ve been working on my counters for some time now.  A while back I managed to find space in a cupboard for my Kitchen Aid mixer and our blender.  This has made the counters much more clear.  But, we always have a bunch of bags of fruit laying in one corner of the counter.


I decided to take them out of the bags and put them in a bowl.  I am so happy with the results!


I’m working on organizing my clothes closet, but haven’t finished yet.  Maybe that’s what I’ll tackle next week.


2 thoughts on “Project Simplify {Week 3} Closets

  1. You know what I was thinking? You could make mini albums (scrapbooking) with those toilet paper rolls! Yup, that was my first thought. Except…. I have yet to do that since sometime last year or so when I learned of the technique.Great job on the closet and the counter!

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