Project Simplify {Week 1} Master bedroom

I’m joining Tsh in her 2012 Project Simplify project.  This weeks challenge was originally for all things kids related.  While I do have a toddler, I felt like her room/toys/clothes were pretty well under control.  So, I tacked our master bedroom instead.  I am by no means finished, but here’s what’s been done so far.

I started working on my ever growing pile of paperwork that needs to be filed. But, first I had to purge the existing files as they were so full that I could hardly fit one more sheet of paper in the filing crate!



I didn’t think to take a picture of the pile of things to shred I ended up with, but it was BIG!

Next, I started attacking my 5 dresser drawers.   Many years ago I read about using empty shoe boxes to organize things in your dresser drawers (ie socks/underware).  I’ve been doing that for a long time now, but needed to do some sorting/organizing and adding of some more shoe boxes.  So, I did that and am soo pleased with the results.  I love order!!!!

(Sorry, no before picture of this)


I have another drawer that I sorted the same way, too.

Next I tackled my drawers full of jeans.   You would not believe what I found:

2 pairs of maternity jeans
1 pair maternity jean capris
2 pairs camouflage pants
5 pair pre-pregnancy jeans
1 pair pre-pregnancy jeans (that were a bit tight even before I was pregnant with DD)
3 pair capri jeans
2 pairs of jeans that actually fit now, and sit on top of my dresser

After much debate, I decided to get rid of all my pre-pregnancy jeans, minus one pair that I hope to be able to wear again in the not too distant future.  I’m hanging onto the pair that was too tight pre-pregnancy because they were a bit pricey and I want to sell them on eBay.

I still need to tackle my closets.  I did go through and purge some things that no longer fit and/or that haven’t been worn in a long time.  But, I have some miscellaneous stuff on the floors that needs to be gone through.


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