7: Intro

I’m joining Marla for another read-a-long.  The book is 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess  by Jen Hatmaker.  

Chapter 1: Food

Chapter 2: Clothes

Chapter 3: Possessions

Chapter 4: Media

Chapter 5: Waste

Chapter 6: Spending

Chapter 7: Stress

Jen had me at “and we give away half of all we receive.”  Brian Kluth speaks on generosity and this idea goes along with his challenge to give away much more than the typical 10 percent. I love, love, love the idea of giving away enough that it might actually hurt our lifestyle.

At least in theory.

I don’t know if this theory will ever be tested, as my husband wants to hold off on increasing our giving until we are 100% debt-free.

It’s so easy to think I’d be all gung-ho to do something when I know I can’t because my husband isn’t on board…

I want to mention one other thing that jumped outat me.

“My children are young… It is not too late to untether them from the lie of ‘more.’” (5)

We have a toddler, and from day one, we knew we didn’t want to have too many toys, clothes etc. for her. We have hardly bought her any toys or clothes. Yet our house is overflowing with both! A lot of the stuff was given to us as hand-me-downs, and then birthday/Christmas presents. It is truly shocking to me how easy it is to accumulate stuff.  And sometimes, without even spending any money!

Lastly, I get so frustrated with myself.  One day I want to rid our house of everything we don’t absolutely need.  The next day, I want some fashionable clothes, an expensive haircut.  You get the idea.

Here’s what I’m wondering right now.  How can I teach my daughter something I haven’t mastered myself?


2 thoughts on “7: Intro

  1. I can so relate to you about your toddler and all the “stuff”. I am careful too but still walk into my girl’s rooms and am overwhelmed at all the stuff. I worry so much about passing on my habits to my girls and worry that it’s too late so that statement really hit home to me also.

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