The surprise provision

I have a blogger friend who recently returned from a missions trip. She brought back a bunch of items she’d purchased on her trip and was selling them on her blog to support the ministries she’d visited.  I ended up buying way more than I intended to.  I am a stay at home Mom, and recently decided to support a Compassion child using my pre-marriage savings and money I earn by selling things on eBay.

I also sent some extra money to my friend as her family had had some unexpected medical bills come their way.  As I thought more and more about the money I’d parted with, I started getting nervous.  My savings account was very slowly dwindling away and I wanted to be able to continue to support my Compassion child.

The same day the package from my friend arrived, another package arrived. I enter tons of blog giveaways and I’ve actually won quite a few.  The second package had baby lotion in it that I had won.  I knew it was coming, but what I didn’t expect was the $50 Visa gift card sitting right on top when I opened the box!  I checked the original blog post for the giveaway to see if I’d missed that a gift card was part of the prize pack.  It was not listed on the giveaway anywhere!

I took this blessing as God encouraging me to continue to be generous with my money and that he’d continue to provide for me in unusual ways.


2 thoughts on “The surprise provision

  1. I love that. The past couple of years, I keep having things like that happen, and yet, I still have moments where my heart races as I wonder about financial provision and future days. Then something like this will happen. God is so good to us and to not just give us reminders but times where we realize we needed to be reminded that He has always been and is faithful and good.

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