The snowy drive

Yesterday I was about an hour from home at a baby shower.  There was news of some snow coming in the evening, but it sounded like it would just be flurries.  My night vision is not very good, so I try not to drive at night, but I knew I’d be driving in the dark on the way home.

On my way to the shower, there was snow off and on and I began dreading what the drive home would be like.  I have lived here all of my life and have driven in the snow without 4 wheel drive until 3 years ago.  And I’d never had a problem.

It snowed the entire two hours I was at the shower.  About 20 minutes into my drive home, things got really bad.  I saw signs warning of icy patches and encouraging people to drive slower.  The speed limit is 75 mph on this patch of highway.    Traffic was going about 30 mph.  Which was fine with me.  I figured it I got into an accident, at least I wouldn’t be going very fast.

The snow kept coming down, right into my face and it was a surreal feeling.  Moving at a slow and steady pace, it being dark.  I cried out to the Lord several times.  I was so fearful that I would not make it home.  At times I couldn’t tell where my lane was and I think I ended up switching lanes without meaning to a few times.

Some cars were driving by so fast I wondered if somehow their lane had missed the storm.  It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you are driving.  If it’s icy and snowing and you have poor visibility, nobody can truly drive fast safely.

There was a huge truck that said “oversized load” carrying tons of hay or something that was beside me from time to time.   The bales were so big, I was sure that if even one fell on my car, I would have died instantly.

What would normally have been a one hour drive became a two hour drive.  If I had known where I was (road signs were snow covered) and where a hotel was, I would have exited and waited until morning to make the rest of the trip home.   I was desperate to get home and see my husband and daughter.  But I was so afraid that I wouldn’t make it, that having to stay somewhere else over night was almost appealing.

The Lord is so faithful though.  I did make it home eventually.  No losing control of the car.  No bails of hay falling on me.   Praise you Lord for your goodness.


One thought on “The snowy drive

  1. Great post, I’m glad you made it home even if it wasn’t on your time – the Lord’s timing is perfect 🙂 I’m coming over from the Gentleness Challenge at WLW and am now following you as well.

    God bless

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