The Gentleness Challenge

Once again, I’m linking up to a new series.  This one is on gentleness when it comes to how we interact with our kids.   But, I’m also going to focus on my attitude towards my husband.

We have a baby on the way and I am truly terrified of the future. I can’t imagine having  a newborn and a toddler.   Who is going to care for our toddler while we are at the hospital when the baby comes?  What if God doesn’t bless us with the boy that my husband is desperate for and he pressures me to have a third baby?

I know I’m off subject here, but the weight of what is coming down the pike has led to my attitude being in the toilet.

I am shocked sometimes at how quickly I can get frustrated with my daughter when she doesn’t do what I want, the second the words are out of my mouth.  And yet I expect her to be patient with me when I ask her to wait for me to complete one of her requests.   Now how is she  going to learn patience if it’s never been modeled for her?

Anyways, I think this challenge is just what the Doctor (or should I say, the Lord!) ordered.  Looking forward to it.


One thought on “The Gentleness Challenge

  1. Try not to worry…easier said than done! But, it really does all work out in the end. Unfortunately, we do not have family where we live and so I too have had to plan/work out arrangements for my older children as we added a new baby to our family. On the other hand, many women do the family birthing situation…maybe your daughter can remain in the room until it is time to push and close friend/co-worker or visiting relative can take her out of the room? Just a thought. And who knows…even if you have a son, maybe God will turn your heart to more than 2 children…watching my children interact together has been a beautiful miracle!

    Happy New Year…and good luck with Courtney’s “Gentleness Challenge”!

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