“Free” stuff for $600 – $1900

Recently, Albertson’s had a promotion where you’d get a sticker every time you spent $10 in one trip.  If you spent $20, you’d get two stickers, and so on.  If you earned enough stickers, you could get “free” Cuisanart appliances.  You had 3 months and 20 days to earn stickers. Now, for someone who does all their shopping at just one store, maybe it would be considered a good deal.   But, for me?  No way!  In order to win the cheapest item, you’d need 60 stamps.  Which means you’d have to spend $600 on groceries.  And the prize for 60 stamps was an electric can opener.  With a retail value of $24.99.

The only reason promotions like these work is because we sometimes lose the ability to think logically.   We might want the blender-processor, which requires 190 stamps ($1900 spent at the store) and opt to spend a little more each time we go to the store in order to get enough stickers for the prize, vs. outright buying the appliance for it’s retail value of $89.99.

I did end up earning some stickers, some of which I lost.  They are tiny!  I was about to throw them out, when it dawned on me that DD could put them to good use.  She loves, loves, loves stickers!

I know it’s hard to see in the picture, but she’s sporting the small white stickers with blue writing on her jacket.



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