Last week DD and I were in a store parking lot, when I noticed something like this on a car:

I pointed it out to DD and told her the car had antlers on it.  The entire drive home, she asked to see more! Unfortunately, we didn’t spot anymore.  But, the following day, I saw 4 more cars with antlers, but DD missed all 4 of them!  It was hard to point them out to her as we were driving by the cars!

So, I finally searched online for pictures of cars with antlers on it.   I wondered if DD would recognize what they were.  She did!  She said, “Car!  Antlers!  More Antlers!”  We looked at picture, after picture, after picture!

I also found this picture:

I’m pretty sure this is the first car I’ve ever seen with Christmas lights and a deer on it!

Earlier this week we drove around our neighborhood to show DD the Christmas lights at night. We were waiting for a warm day to do it and it was like 65 during the day and 40 something when we went out.  It was perfect.  She loved looking at all the decorations.


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