It’s all about presentation

More often than not, DD eats out of these plastic bowls.

But, from time to time, we switch things up.

I read a while ago that kids like to eat out of small containers.  When we ran out of clean plastic bowls for DD the other day,  I hesitantly grabbed this tiny cup that is meant for taking salad dressing in your lunch.  I filled it with peas.  And DD at 2-3 bowls full in one sitting!

The next day, I planned to do the same thing, until I realized all those little bowls were dirty.  They are what we use to put water in when DD paints so washing them isn’t a high priority.   I wanted to find another fun container for her, so I gave her a measuring cup full of veggies.    She loved it!

Sometimes we put her cut up fruit on a lid.
Sometimes I put food in a plastic sandwich holder (Disney Princess, of course).
Sometimes she eats cereal out of an empty cream cheese container.
I also have some tiny little trays with high edges that have pretty pictures on them.  Sometimes I serve her food on there.  Which, unfortunately, weren’t very photogenic when I tried to take a picture of them to post here!

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