Painting for the first time

I recently got some water colors for DD, thinking maybe she could use them in her bath.  But, she’s still in a kids tub, so we’ll probably have to wait a while for that.  But, I figured out a way she could get started now.  I think I got this idea from a great book I just finished called “Before Five in a Row.”

I sat DD in her booster seat at the table and gave her a tiny cup of water and a paint brush and a paper plate.  No watercolors though.  I showed her how to dip the paintbrush in the water and “paint” the paper plate.  She loved it and did it for a long time.
Here’s step 1:


Step 2:

I didn’t get a picture of “step 3.”  I started fixing dinner and caught DD drinking the water out of the little cup!!!!   I’m just glad it didn’t have anything else in it, like the actual water colors!


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