Compassion kid

I mentioned here  that I was feeling led to sponsor a Compassion child again. I did contact them to see if, by chance, my previous child still needed a sponsor.  He didn’t.  Which is a good thing, because it means he’s been taken care of these past couple of years.  But, it was sad too, to know that I’ll never have contact with him again, this side of heaven.

I went over to the Compassion website to pick out a new child to sponsor.  When I choose my other two kids to sponsor, it was at events where they had pictures of the kids there.  Which meant there was a limited selection.  But, online, I could choose from kids in all sorts of different locations, ages, etc.  I started off limiting my search to a child who had been on the sponsorship waiting list for more than 6 months.  Then I tried to find one that had DD birthday, but I wasn’t successful. (I later realized that I think it’s because I first narrowed the choices down by kids who had been waiting longer than 6 months).  I began looking at the kids pictures and where they were from.  And in the end, I just couldn’t bear to choose one.  How could I select one out of so many that were in desperate need?

So, I clicked the button to have Compassion choose the child for me.  I thought I’d find out who it was right away.  But, nope, that’s not how it worked!  I had to wait to find out via snail mail, when the child sponsorship package was sent to me.  It was agony waiting, but I prayed that God would send me the child that he wanted me to sponsor.

When I got the packet last week, I showed it to DD and told her the name of the girl we were sponsoring.  Wendy.  She is 8 years old and lives in El Salvador.  The packet they sent is a really nice bound book with Wendy’s picture right on the front.  DD loves to carry it around and asks me for “Wendy” from time to time when I put the booklet back on my desk.  I just mailed off my first letter to Wendy, with a picture of our family.  And I’m  eager to hear back from her.


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