Customer Service

Here is something interesting.  I recently read this blog post about problems people had with redeeming vouchers from Savemore (a daily deal site).  In July, I took advantage of a deal through Savemore where they credited new members with $10 in their account.  There was a deal for nail decal stickers for $6 and free shipping, so I used my credit on it.

When I went to redeem my code, they were out of stock of my top choices, but eventually said they’d have more in stock by a certain date.  On that date, they were still out of stock.  Eventually they said for people with the Savemore vouchers to contact them prior to placing our order.  I emailed them twice. And got no response.  A while later they said to call a number if you had a Savemore voucher.

I called the number and it led me directly to Savemore.  They said the original company (called Nail Fraud) that they were doing the deal with was having trouble keeping their items in stock, so they switched to a new company that had more inventory.  Within 30 minutes I was all set to order from the new company and I did so with no problem.

Now that’s Customer Service, in my opinion!

I’m really surprised that Savemore now has an “F” rating with the BBB!

Here are the nail decals I got:

I plan to use them on my toenails, but haven’t done so yet.  I’ll be sure to take a pic when I do and post it here!

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