Our Thanksgiving

We went to a couples house from church this Thanksgiving.   Besides us, their daughter and her husband (who is from Japan) was there.  And another couple, the lady who just moved here from India a couple of years ago, and the hosts sister.

It was fun to have an International celebration!  The food was great and everyone loved DD.  She did a great job of entertaining everyone!  And she did very well despite it being a long day and not really  knowing anyone that was there.

I always love people who are thoughtful and take kids into consideration.  As we were making plans for the day, the host asked when DD nap time was.   (Fortunately, we didn’t get together until after her nap).  She said she had a high chair DD could use, but didn’t have a portable crib.  That was no problem since DD doesn’t sleep anywhere but her regular crib (not even in our pack n play!)

When we arrived, they had set out a dollhouse for DD to play with!  But, all the new faces and an up close encounter with the dog led to DD being quite clingy.  She grabbed a toy truck out of the doll house and that was the only interest she showed in it!!

As the evening wore on, she went over to the dollhouse with the hosts daughter and played with a toy slide.  There was a girl and a boy that could go down the slide and she also put the toy car down the slide!

The hosts also had a child’s cup with a straw for DD as well as a plastic Mickey Mouse plate.  She had a bib too, but we had brought our own.

The host is a retired general contractor and is in the process of building his daughter a house, just 4 miles from their house.  We took a drive over to see the house.  It is still definitely in the works, but it was really  nice to get to see it.  We frequently ask how the house is coming along, and now we can picture it when we talk about the progress in the future.


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