DD loves to pretend and imitate these days.

She likes to have Cheerios and milk in one of her bowls with a spoon.  Just like Mommy and Daddy.  But, instead of eating her cereal and then drinking the leftover milk, she drinks the milk out of the bowl and then eats the cereal!
The other day I was using a pumice stone on my foot and DD was watching.  The following day I saw her doing this:

She loves the long “stick” that came with her number magnets and used it as a pumice stone above.  She also uses it as a spoon to stir while she “cooks” or “eats.”  She also uses it in conjunction with an empty bottle as a bubble wand!  Here she is “cooking.”

DD is practicing walking up the stairs while holding onto the wall, railing and/or my hand.  But she’s very cautious and sometimes just isn’t up for it.  I usually tell her, “I’ve got you.”  Meaning, I am holding onto her hand and can catch her if she falls.  Now whenever she starts to walk up the stairs, she says,  “I’ve got you!”  Even if I’m just walking behind her and not holding onto her.

In the below picture, DD is using the stem of a balloon to “write” on a piece of paper.

I started doing the exercises here and DD likes to join in.  Here she is doing a squat.

She also likes to do the burpee.  You’ll have to check out the site above to see what that is!

It is so fun as a first time parent to see what all DD is capable of.  I had no idea that the idea of pretending started at such a young age.


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