Handyman in the house

I am very fortunate that DH is a handy man.

Sunday he noticed that one of my car tires seemed low. We took it to the gas station to put some air in it and he found that air was actually leaking out of the tire! Apparently the stem thing that you put air into had a hole at the base of it. It being Sunday and all, there was no where to take it to get fixed until Monday morning. DH put air in the tire and then when we got home, he put Vaseline over the hole and rigged a piece of Styrofoam to put pressure on the stem so it would hopefully still have air in it in the morning. It did! And, Discount Tire fixed it for free!

Last week DH opened the refrigerator door and the light was off. At first we were terrified that our fridge had gone out. But, thankfully, it was just the light. We have extra light bulbs on hand, so he tried to put a new one in. But, that bulb didn’t work! He tried the bulb in the bathroom socket and it worked fine. Hmmm….he went to the store a few days later and got a bulb specifically for the fridge. And it worked! The difference? The fridge bulb has an extra kind of lip at the bottom so it can make contact with the outlet in the fridge.

When DD was a newborn, DH work director blessed us with her daughters old changing table. It was a real back saver. We had been using the bassinet portion of a pack n play to change DD diapers. That’s probably not ideal for anyone, least of all tall people like us. But, the buckle that you were supposed to use to keep the baby secure on the table broke. So, DH took one of his old belts, cut it in half and fastened it to the changing table!


Lastly, we had been planning to get a new deadbolt for our front door. We knew exactly what kind we wanted and started pricing them this past weekend. Would you believe that Lowe’s had one for $11.97 and at Ace Hardware, you’d have to spend $44 to get the kind we wanted???????? We had looked at Ace because they have a 50% off coupon for Black Friday, but I was shocked at how much a price could vary from one store to another. They weren’t the same brand, but still, how could any brand cost more than 3 times another one? A few days ago, our current deadbolt started not working so well. It seemed like our key was going to get stuck in it. So, DD will replace it with a new deadbolt this weekend.


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