Joanne – surgery tomorrow

I haven’t posted on here about Joanne yet, but she is the sister of a girl I used to be in Bible Study with.  She had a stroke in January of this year.  At the age of 38.  She is married with two daughters.

She is an author and a well known blogger.  You can check out her site The Simple Wife to read more about her journey.  (Her picture is also on my side bar).

Here’s the latest.  Joanne has been having acupuncture done and it seems to be working to help her get some movement in her left arm.  But it is very painful to endure the acupuncture.  She has been walking with a cane and was told that she needs her  Achilles tendon lengthened in her left foot in order to be able to walk without a cane.  Originally the surgery was going to be in December, but it got moved to tomorrow, November 15.

Originally it was supposed to be an outpatient procedure, but they just found that she’ll have to stay in the hospital for 1-2 days.  This feels like a huge setback to Joanne, to have to be in the hospital again.  Also, she won’t be able to put any pressure on her leg for 2 weeks after the surgery and the family is trying to figure out the logistics of doing every day things during this time.
I know Joanne and her family would all appreciate your prayers.

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