Get Dressed Challenge {Week 4} Pictures

I am participating in the “Get Dressed Challenge” where the goal is to get ready each weekday by 8am.  Yes, I realize my head is missing in all of the below pictures.  Out of respect for my husband, who did not want any personal info on our family on my blog, I’ve decided to post pictures only of what I’m wearing.

The Get Dressed Challenge!

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This was the last week of the challenge and I have to say, I was not motivated to get dressed this week.  But, I did each day.  Just not always by 8am!

Tuesday we took DD in for her flu shot.  Which meant DH had to get up earlier than usual and we had to go in as soon as the office opened so we could get the shot before DH went into work.  (Yes, I insist that he go to almost every Doctor’s appt that DD has!)

So, I didn’t get my shower in until DH was home for lunch.  I got dressed, but didn’t plan on putting on any makeup since the day was already half over.  I figured I’d give my face a break.

But, seeing myself dressed made me decide that I should put my make up on.  It actually motivated me to finish getting ready for the day!

My goal is to continue getting ready for the day each day by 8am.  And maybe I’ll even add some accessories! I seem to go in and out of phases of wearing jewelry. Right now I only wear jewelry to church, on occasion. I never wear jewelry around the house. In fact, until recently I didn’t even wear my wedding ring unless I was out in public because I often scratched DD with it by accident. Now that she’s a toddler, it’s not such a hazard to wear all the time.  And I sure do love to admire the beautiful ring from DH 🙂
Here are the pictures for the week:







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