Get Dressed Challenge {Week 3} Pictures

I am participating in the “Get Dressed Challenge” where the goal is to get ready each weekday by 8am.  Yes, I realize my head is missing in all of the below pictures.  Out of respect for my husband, who did not want any personal info on our family on my blog, I’ve decided to post pictures only of what I’m wearing.

The Get Dressed Challenge!

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Monday (see the cute house slippers I mentioned in last weeks post?  They actually match the sweater in this picture.  And, if you think they look familiar, you probably saw them on Sarah Mae’s blog.  Only I think they were in brown).

I don’t know if you can tell from Monday’s picture, but I have no clue how to wear the neck thing on this sweater!  Not even sure what it’s called.  Is it a cowl neck???  I’ve tried to move it around different ways and it just doesn’t look right to me no matter what I do.  Any ideas????  It is wide enough that you could wear it a bit off each shoulder, but I’d rather find another way to wear it.






I didn’t end up getting dressed today.  I thought about it, but DD was having a rough morning and I didn’t think we were gonna go anywhere, so I slacked off.  I did finally change out of my sweatshirt into a nicer top in preparation for going to the grocery store.  But, I kept my sweat pants on and didn’t put on any make up.


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