31 Days of Date Nights {Day 29} Mad Libs

Welcome to 31 Days of Date Nights. My plan is to give you a simple date night idea, (mostly frugal ones) every day for the month of October.   You can access all posts in this series here.

This week, DH and I went to our old standby (Starbucks) for our date night.  We went back to the location that was being remodeled a while back.  They had removed a wall and moved some chairs/couches/tables around and added a giant table in the center.  DH thinks they replaced the chairs with less comfy ones!   And I for sure liked the old setup better.  More privacy.

I had printed out some Mad Libs from this site, and brought them along as a surprise for DH.

I have to be honest here.  I cannot recall all of the parts of speech.  But, DH knows them all (and English is his 3rd language!) so I had him fill in all the blanks for the first round in which the topic was “A Day at the Zoo” and here’s what he came up with:

Then, DH asked me the parts of speech and filled in the blanks for “Make Me a Video Game!”  with my answers.  When I got stumped as to what qualified for what part of speech, I looked at the Mad Libs DH had given answers to and that helped me come up with something fitting.  Here are the results of mine:

By the way, as we were reading through the end results of our Mad Libs, some of the sentences didn’t make sense. Now, I know the point is for them to turn out funny and not really make sense, but some of the tenses etc didn’t make sense. DH found a place or two where they asked for the wrong parts of speech. Oh my goodness, I married a smarty! 😉


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