Get Dressed Challenge {Week 2} Pictures

I am participating in the “Get Dressed Challenge” where the goal is to get ready each weekday by 8am.  Yes, I realize my head is missing in all of the below pictures.  Out of respect for my husband, who did not want any personal info on our family on my blog, I’ve decided to post pictures only of what I’m wearing.

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The Get Dressed Challenge!

This week was partly a success.   I got ready each day, but on Wednesday, I didn’t get ready until after 10am!  It was snowing and I was just not motivated to get out of my warm comfy laying-around-the-house clothes.  I wasn’t sure if DD and I would leave the house or not, but we did end up going out to run some errands.   So I got dressed in the end.  But, after we got back home, I changed back into my comfy  pants!  But, I left my “nice” sweater on.

I didn’t wear my shoes in the house once this week.   For some reason, I stuck to wearing my slippers.  I actually bought some cute house shoes after starting this challenge, but they make my feet too hot!  Maybe once the weather gets even colder I can wear them comfortably???



Wednesday (this picture was taken in the evening, after I had my comfy pants on.  Can you see the stripes on the sides of the legs??)


Friday – Hallelujah!  See the pants I’m wearing?  These haven’t fit for 2.5 years (since I got pregnant with DD).  I am so tired of wearing my jeans  (in a desperate attempt to get out of maternity jeans, I bought two pairs of jeans that fit me a few months ago) and having to wear a belt with them since they are a bit too big in the waist.  I am elated to be able to wear these pants again – yay!


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