31 Days of Date Nights {Day 26} Hiking

Welcome to 31 Days of Date Nights. My plan is to give you a simple date night idea, (mostly frugal ones) every day for the month of October.   You can access all posts in this series here.

Have I mentioned that we like to go on walks?  Oh, yeah, I think I have a few times.  Now, I prefer a walk over a hike any day.  But, DH loves to hike.  And we happen to live in an area with loads of hiking opportunities.

One of the best things about hiking is that it is free!  Some of the not so great things are that weather can ruin your plans for hiking and there is usually no indoor plumbing when it comes to hiking trails.

But, hiking can still be a fun date.  Bring your camera along to take pictures of the view.  You might come across some wildlife  or plants/flowers that you want to take a picture of.

From what I understand, men bond by doing activities side by side.  What a great way to bond with your husband.  Getting out into nature, walking side by side, taking in God’s beautiful creation and talking.

Maybe hiking isn’t so bad after all….


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