31 Days of Date Nights {Day 24} Museum

Welcome to 31 Days of Date Nights. My plan is to give you a simple date night idea, (mostly frugal ones) every day for the month of October.   You can access all posts in this series here.

Our city offers free entrance to various museums on a regular basis.  And while our Zoo is private and does not have any free days, the Zoo an hour from us has several free days throughout the year.

We took advantage of a free day at the local Botanic Gardens last year and solved a mystery.  We had recently moved into a new home and had a tree in our front yard, but couldn’t identify what type of tree it was.  We saw the same  tree at the gardens and found out that it was a plum tree!   Sure enough, plums showed up on our tree!

DH and I went to the Museum of Nature and Science  on a free day.  I had been there several times before, but they always have some new exhibits each time I go.  DH had never been to this museum.  We both love to learn, so it was a real treat for us to get to go.

When we went, they happened to have an exhibit,  I can’t remember exactly what it was called, but it was on health/nutrition and the body.  You got a plastic card (like a credit card) and went around to various stations where you inserted your card, did various exercises etc and at the end you got a print out of information specific to you and your health.

At one of the stations, you each put a headband type thing on that measures brain waves and how calm you are.  There is a ball in-between the two of you and the ball moves toward the less calm person.  DH was calmer than I was!

Your height and weight were measured. There were stationary bikes that we rode on and a walking exercise (which I can’t remember what the purpose was, perhaps to figure out the size of your stride?)

We had a fun time going to all the stations and then reviewing our results.

You can find out about local free events by looking in your newspaper (or your city might even have a free paper that specifically lists these types of things), asking friends/neighbors/co-workers, or checking out your cities website for tourist information.


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