The Get Dressed Challenge Day 1

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The Get Dressed Challenge!

I mentioned last week that I was participating in a challenge for the next 31 days to get dressed every morning instead of lounging around in my comfy (but not cute) clothes all day.

I’m not going to post each day, but in the event that days 2-31 end up in disaster (AKA I don’t get dressed before noon, or at all) at least I can document that day 1 was a success!!!

I usually don’t shower and get ready for the day until DH comes home from work for lunch.  The mornings are just too hectic for me to take an hour to get ready.   But, last night I asked DH if he could start watching DD in the morning after his shower so I could get a shower in too.

I told him  he could put DD in the pack n play and continue getting ready, but I just wanted him to be available so he could get her if she needed anything.   I also suggested that he could sit her at the table and let her color while he ate breakfast.

It was awesome to get in a shower before MJ left for work today.   And to be ready before 9am.  I can’t tell you the last time that happened!  I’ve always been a morning person and would wake up by 6am every day, even on weekends.  The first thing I’d do was shower and get ready for  the day.  But after Grace came along, my routine drastically changed.

I’ll post pictures this Friday of what I wore each day of the first week.

Click on the button bellow to check out the challenge.

The Get Dressed Challenge!


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