The Get Dressed Challenge

The Get Dressed Challenge!

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Get Dressed Challenge {Week 1} Pictures

Get Dressed Challenge {Week 2} Pictures

Get Dressed Challenge {Week 3} Pictures

Get Dressed Challenge {Week 4} Pictures

Well, I’m apparently really into 31 day series because while still in the midst of 31 Days of Date Night Ideas, I am joining up with a new series starting this Monday.  It’s called “The Get Dressed Challenge” and Sarah Mae is the inventor of it.

Basically, the challenge is to get dressed every day by 8am.  I’m assuming the only people who don’t already do this are those who work from home.  When I worked outside the home, I never had a problem getting dressed up.  But, ever since DD was born, my daily wardrobe has mainly consisted of my hair being pulled up in a messy bun type thing, wearing sweats and no make-up.  When we go out, I do sometimes put more effort into my appearance and other times I don’t.

But, starting Monday, my goal is to consistently get ready each morning for the next 31 days (and by the time the 31 days are up, it should be a habit).  I heard a great tip to help you get dressed fast in the morning.  Check the weather the night before and pick out your clothes for the next day before you go to bed.   I plan to do this to help make getting ready in the morning as easy and quick as possible.

The participants in the challenge will be linking up to Sarah’s blog each Friday and sharing pictures of themselves for every day that week.

Sound like fun?  Feel free to join us, here.

The Get Dressed Challenge!


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