Attack of the Spiders

Since this blog is new, you all don’t know how I feel about spiders.  So I’ll tell you in a nutshell. I hate them!  I am terrified of spiders.  I often can’t even kill them because they creep me out so much.  And I’m afraid if I go at them with toilet paper, they’ll run along it (some of them are so fast!) and right onto my bare skin.

There have been too many times to count, when I’ve opened the front door to take DD outside, and a spider has carabined on down to the rug.  Don’t ask me why they choose this particular spot to (literally) hang around in.  I don’t know.

But, I should know enough by now to step back and look each time I open the door, to be sure a spider isn’t coming in. Or worse, landing on me.

Just this morning, I opened the door and saw something come flying down.  Sure enough, a spider landed on the inside of the door.  I got a huge wad of toilet paper, picked it up and threw it in the toilet.  And flushed it (you can never be too careful in ensuring that a spider is actually dead!)  I turned around to wash my hands in the sink and saw an identical spider on my shirt!!!! I was so confused.

I do know spiders can be tricky.   I’ve seen them “play dead” after I’ve attempted to squish one.  I’ve thought I caught one, but in reality, it got away.  But, I was sure I had this one.

I went to the front door, in an attempt to leave again.  And what did I see but a  third identical spider on the inside of the door!  Oh man!  Did these buggers  just hatch above our door and all ambush the house at once??? I have seen a ton of small identical spiders before, but these were medium size.  Maybe some baby spiders are bigger than others???

I think I’ll go change my shirt now.  Just writing about this experience has me feeling like I have spiders all over me.  Yuck!


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