31 Days of Date Nights {Day 11} Reading

Welcome to 31 Days of Date Nights. My plan is to give you a simple date night idea, (mostly frugal ones) every day for the month of October.   You can access all posts in this series here.

 Disclaimer:  I mention Harry Potter in this post.  I know it is a controversial topic among Christians.  I have mixed feelings about it myself.   But, please don’t skip this post if you are not a Harry Potter fan.  It’s only one example I use.

I love to read.  DH, however, does not.  But, we found a compromise.   I had read through all the Harry Potter books a while back.   After DH and I got married, we began seeing the movies together.  (For the record,  I think the books are wayyy better than the movies).  Then we decided to go on a small road trip and wanted to bring a book on tape along.  What better than the Harry Potter series.  Listening to the series led to lots of time spent together (those books are long!) both listening and discussing.

Currently we are reading Love and Respect together.  Before we got married, we choose a few books to read to prepare us for marriage.  We lived an hour away from each other, so we read a chapter a week on our own and then discussed it when we saw each other on the weekend.

Now that we are married (and DH is a night owl and I am a morning person), we have tried reading chapters individually and then talking about them together.  But it hasn’t worked since, as I mentioned, DH is not big on reading!  So, we have been reading out loud from the Love and Respect book each night.  We read anywhere from a few pages to an entire chapter at a time and we take turns reading, every other paragraph.  DH is on the computer all day long at work, so his eyes have a hard time focusing on small  print in the evenings.  So, sometimes I do more of the reading than he does.

I highly recommend the Love and Respect book!  I’ve actually read the entire book already.  Now I’m making my way through it a second time with DH and am being reminded of how I can be a better wife.  I love personal growth books and I think this one is by far one of the best that I’ve read when it comes to the topic of marriage.

There are a million books to choose from (as well as tons of genres) if you and your spouse want to read together. Fiction, nonfiction, humorous, personal growth etc.   Or you can always listen to books on tape if you don’t enjoy reading or spend a lot of time in the car.  And, this can be a free activity if you can find the book you want to read at your local library.

What book(s) would you recommend to read with your spouse?


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