31 Days of Date Nights {Day 9} Ice skating

Welcome to 31 Days of Date Nights. My plan is to give you a simple date night idea, (mostly frugal ones) every day for the month of October.   You can access all posts in this series here.

I have never taken ice skating lessons, but my  roller skating skills transferred to ice skating nicely.  I’ve gone ice skating quite a few times.  But am no pro.  I have yet to master skating backwards.  And I can’t do any twirls.

DH plays ice hockey (okay, used to play.  I can’t handle the late night games since I can’t get to sleep if he’s not home).  So one of our early dates was going ice skating.  On an outdoor rink at a mall.  It was freezing outside and DH hadn’t brought any gloves.  My hands were icicles, even though I did have gloves!

We had fun anyways.  Ice skating is a great excuse to hold hands.   After being married a few years and having a toddler, I’ve found that the hand holding has gone out the window.

DH and I both own ice skates, so we only have to pay the entrance fee to the rink.  (And when DH was playing hockey, he could get into the rink he played at for free, so we only had to pay for me).  If you have an Entertainment book, you might find a coupon for ice skating at a local rink.  And, if you want to buy ice skates, you can buy them used to make them more affordable.  That’s how I got mine.   (I love animal print, so DH bought me the blade covers in the picture).

If you don’t have any experience ice skating, but had the time and funds, you could take ice skating lessons together.


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