I haven’t been doing any regular posts since I’ve been focused on the 31 days series.  But, I had to take a moment to document how the Lord protected us yesterday.

1)   The stove top burner caught fire.  I know you are never supposed to leave the kitchen when you are cooking, but honestly, I have been known to do just that.  It was a miracle that I happened to be in the kitchen (feeding DD) when the fire erupted.  And that I turned around and saw it when I did and was able to get it put out on my own.  (More details to come in another post).

2)  DD was drinking water out of her straw cup.  And poked herself in the eye with the straw. There was no damage done.  It just scared her.  Or rather, I think my reaction scared her!  I was terrified that she was going to have visible damage, but she was fine.  DH pointed out that the straw is flexible and soft, so it was less likely to do damage compared with a regular straw.

3)  We noticed a burning type smell in our garage two days ago.   We had no idea the smell had been coming from my car until DD and I were running errands the next day and I smelled the same smell.   I was all set to have DH take my car in this weekend, dreading the cost to fix whatever the problem was.  But, DH came home at lunch time and found that I had a big plastic bag stuck under my car that was melting.  (This had actually crossed my mind as I’ve heard of such a thing, but I didn’t really think that could be the problem).  He removed as much of the bag as he could and now we just have to wait for the rest to burn off.

Yesterday was draining what with all the small things that went wrong.  But, I am so thankful that they all turned out fine in the end.  And that God was watching over us.


3 thoughts on “Protected

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It’s fun to hear from a fellow Colorado girl…it’s true that it seems most bloggers live somewhere else. Represent, Colorado!

    Little things like your yesterday are really a testament to God’s soverignty. A new favorite verse of mine is Psalm 112:7…”He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.” I grab on to that one whenever I start to feel panicky about all the things that can go wrong. 🙂

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