31 Days of Date Night Ideas {Day 2} Questions

Welcome to 31 Days of Date Nights. My plan is to give you a simple date night idea, (mostly frugal ones) every day for the month of October.  You can access all posts in this series here.

This can be done on a date night that you stay at home, or if you go out for dinner/coffee.

Find out something new about your mate by asking each other questions. It can be questions you come up with on your own, questions from a book, questions you find online etc. Surely there are things you and your mate don’t know about each other. For example, I recently found out that DH has an emergency survival kit packed and ready to go. I had no idea! Until we had the possibility of a flood a couple of weeks ago, which is what brought up the subject.

Here are a few question-filled books that I own. Some of the questions are funny, others are serious and thought-provoking.

“Would You Rather” by Doug Fields

Would You Rather . . . ?: 465 Provocative Questions To Get Teenagers Talking

“Have you Ever?” by Les Christie

“The Book of Questions” by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.

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I was introduced to the first two books way back when I was in youth group. And I promptly bought copies of my own. I have used them on dates and with friends. When DD gets older, I imagine we’ll go through the books together.

One of my friends and I used to go out to lunch weekly and we made our way through most of each book. I can’t recall the exact question, I think it was “Would you rather be bald or have no toes?” that made us break out into hysterical laughter. We were at a restaurant and I imagine anyone that saw us must have thought we had had one to many. On the contrary, neither of us had had a drip of alcohol to drink. We just found the question funny for some reason. And then we wondered if someone could walk without toes? See, if you are a thinker, you can really get into some long discussions with these questions.

Here are a couple of sample questions from “Have you Ever?”

“Have you ever had your friends tell you that you look like a movie or television star? Who? How did that make you feel? Do you agree?”

My answer to the above question is yes. I had two people (one patient where I worked and one cashier at the grocery store) tell me in the space of a week or so that I looked like Darryl Hannah! Since nobody else has told me that, I assume I do not usually look like her. And I don’t think I do. Though I loved the movie Splash and wouldn’t mind being a mermaid.

“Have you ever wondered how lead is put inside a pencil? How do you think it’s done? Do you really care?”

No, I haven’t ever wondered, but now I am curious. I won’t bother saying how I think it’s done, because I am sure I can find the real answer online in a matter of seconds.

The following are from “The book of Questions.”

“You are given $1,000,000 to donate anonymously to a charity or a stranger. How would you dispose of it?”

“If you were to discover that your closest friend was a heroin dealer, what would you do?”

Yeah, I didn’t answer those last two questions because they are just hard ones! But see, this can be really fun to think about and discuss with your significant other.


3 thoughts on “31 Days of Date Night Ideas {Day 2} Questions

  1. This is a great idea! Hubby and I are short on money and time at the moment, so I look forward to your ideas!
    This reminds me that we also have a book with questions, it’s by Les & Leslie Parrott called Love Talk. I’ll have to pull it out and use it again, it’s true that it can be so much fun and revealing to ask each other questions that you wouldn’t normally think of!

  2. Love this!! I found Stock’s book at our library and have put it on hold, thank you for the recommendation.

    Thank you for visiting me – and please give your mom a hug for us!

    Looking forward to your series – what a great idea.

    xoxo michele

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