DD and I get out for a walk just about every morning.  We take various paths depending on where the sun is shining and how long of a walk we are going to take.  There is one route that we hardly ever take because it means the sun will be shining in our eyes for half of the walk.  But one day last month we got out of the house in time to go that route before the sun became hazardous to our eyes.

There is a vacant rundown building at the corner of the street.  Next to that is a parking lot and then a structure that I’ve been trying to figure out if it’s a house or an office.  It has a front door like a house and you can see a chandelier on the top floor inside one of the windows.  There is a welcome mat at the front door.  But there is a real estate sign saying it’s available for commercial real estate.  So it must have been a business that was last there, I assume anyways.

As DD and I were walking by this mystery place, I noticed a ton of stuff sitting out on the front porch and a big red sign that said “Everything free.”  So, we looked through the stuff.  They had an odd assortment of things.  There was a humidifier from the 1800s (actually I have no clue when it was made, but it was so old that I didn’t know what it was until I read the label on it), there were cassette tapes of sermons, children’s coloring books, puzzles, a fake Christmas tree,  pieces of fabric, office chairs, desks, a shadow box, a large mirror etc.

We ended up going back home to get the car so we could load it up.  We took home a few puzzles (the board kind that you can wash), two little tea cups, a box of  new crayons, a Donald Duck thing that walks along the wall (brand new, still in the package), stickers, etc.  There were loads of other things, but I only wanted to take things I could wash.

The following day I saw a sign indicating that the rest of the stuff would be picked up by a local donation center.  And sure enough, it was picked up that day.  I’m so thankful that we happened by when we did.


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