Zoo trip (Part 2)

Here are some more zoo pictures.

Black Bears

This grizzly bear was munching on something when we arrived on the scene.  There were fish swimming around in the water below him and another grizzly was trying to catch one.  Everyone kept saying this bear was eating a fish.  But, neither DH nor I thought it looked like a fish, but I couldn’t tell you what else it would have been.

This bird (a crane, maybe???) was dancing all over the place.
Acting all prim and proper
This little chipmunk was running all over the place and came close to getting run over by DD stroller!  We saw another one running around too.
Chicken in flight.  When we told DD it was a chicken, she said “more” and did her eat sign!  She does like chicken 😉
Check out the hair do on this East African crown crane:
I know it’s hard to see the frogs in the above picture.  But can you see what was in with them for lunch in the below picture?
I guess I should be a frog fan if they eat spiders!
The area that had the hippo in it had other animals in it too.  So we weren’t looking at the hippo when all of a sudden we heard this loud noise.  I thought it was the sound of a motor on one of the vehicles we saw driving around the zoo.  But DH realized it was the hippo making the noise!
Mountain Lions
Unfortunately, this peacock didn’t open up its beautiful feathers to show us.  Later on we overheard from a zoo employees walkie talkie that someone had reported some aggressive peacocks by the eating area.  We soon found out why.  We saw people feeding the peacocks!  If people didn’t feed them, they probably wouldn’t have learned to come around them and beg for their food.
I almost didn’t take a picture of this since I don’t like snakes, but it was pretty amazing, so I caved and took one in the end.
This tiger was walking all along the perimeter of its cage, and came right up close for a camera shot.
Well, that’s it for our first zoo trip.  Hopefully we can make it to the other nearby zoo soon.

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