Foof Chair

What’s that?  You’ve never heard of a Foof chair?   I hadn’t either.

Until I met DH.
He has this HUGE thing that looks like a bean bag chair.  But, when I called it that, he informed me that it was not actually a bean bag chair.  So, we call it “the non-bean bag chair.”Here’s what it looks like (I unzipped the cover a bit so that’s why you see white amongst the black).

After we moved to our current home, we stopped really using the chair to sit on.  Instead it become a place to put things that we hadn’t yet found a home for.
It sat just inside our front door and I really hated that it was the first thing people saw when they came inside our house.  Mainly because it was cluttered and dusty.
I read the tags on it (which is how I found out that it’s actually called a Foof chair) and thought I could wash the cover in the washing machine.  But when I went to unzip the cover, first off, the zipper handle type thing was broken.  So I used a paper clip to undo the zipper.  But when I opened the cover, I found loads of pieces of foam of all sizes inside.  It wasn’t self contained!!!  So, I really couldn’t just take the cover off and wash it.
I started doing some research online and saw that they sell covers and liners (to hold the foam inside the existing cover).  But they were way more expensive than anything we were willing to pay for.
So, I decided to buck up, empty out the foam into trash bags, wash the cover and then put the foam back in the cover.  But INSIDE the trash bags.  So the foam would be contained for whenever I needed to wash the cover in the future.
The bag is about 6 feet around, but even knowing that, I had no idea it would  take so long to empty the darn thing out!  It took an hour with both my mom and I working to empty the cover, and then my Mom picked up as much of the stray foam off the floor as she could.  Then I vacuumed the floor to get the remnants.  But, I’ll confess, I still find stray foam on the floor to this day!
In the end there were almost 319 gallons of foam!   You  know how I know that?  Because we filled up thirteen 13 gallon trash bags and five 30 gallon trash bags with foam.
I had been afraid I’d come across some kind of bugs inside the foam.  Thankfully the only weird thing I found in there were bits of plastic, like from a bag or something!  So I just threw those out.I washed the cover and put it in the dryer (even though it said to hang dry it).  Then we started stuffing the foam filled bags back in the cover.   The chair ended up kind of lumpy, so I sewed together two crib sheets (hand me downs that have shrunk so much, they didn’t fit the crib mattress when they were given to us!) and filled them with foam.  I had intended to buy used king size sheets to do this with so that most, if not all, of the foam would fit in it, but decided it would be cheaper to use the trash bags and the crib sheets.

My Mom and I miraculously got all the bags of foam back in the cover and now DD enjoys sitting on it with her daddy.


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