Happy Grandparents Day!

We got a Grandparents day card for my parents from DD.  We had some washable markers that I got for free last month.  I wasn’t intending to pull them out for another year or so, but decided now was a good time to try them out.  DD decorated the inside of the card like this:



It was her first attempt at abstract art.  Not bad if I do say so myself.


DD did get a little bit of green on her hands, but it washed right off.  I hadn’t ever used washable markers before, so I wasn’t sure how they’d live up to their name.  I was impressed!


DD had a tantrum when I put the markers away.  She used to play with crayons every day, but it got to the point that she would color on everything.  Library books, my Bible, etc.  So I decided the crayons needed to go away for a while.  And even if the markers are washable, they certainly won’t wash off of everything, so I’ve put them away for a while too.


I don’t even know, does being washable just mean they wash off of skin?  Or do they wash off of walls, clothes etc?? Anyone know?


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