Give me a heart attack, why don’t you?

I always have loads of books checked out from our local library. And I always have books on hold waiting to be picked up. I check my account online on a regular basis to see what books are due back when, so that I can prioritize what I want to be sure I read before I have to return it.

Tuesday morning as I logged into my account, I was shocked to see that it said my account was delinquent and that I had one item overdue. I couldn’t even get to the screen to see what books I had out and which one they were saying was delinquent. I was in a panic. My heart was beating a million miles a minute. As I told DH, it would pretty much be the end of the world for me if my library card was revoked!

I get an email whenever I have a book ready to pick up, so I went through my emails trying to see if I really did still have a book that was overdue or if I’d returned it, but somehow the library lost it in the shuffle. (They just remodeled and changed where everything is, including the book drop). The only book that I could see that was overdue, had been due on Saturday. Ooops! Thankfully, they have a three day grace period, so as long as I turned it in by the end of the day on Tuesday, all should be fine.

DD and I went to the library first thing and returned almost every book I had checked out, since I wasn’t entirely sure which one they were saying I was delinquent in returning since, with the grace period, the one that I knew had been due a few days before shouldn’t be showing up as delinquent. We got there before they even opened, so I just put all the books in the after hours drop box. I checked my online account again after they had opened and it no longer said delinquent. But it still said that my card had either expired or was expiring soon. HUH??? I know you have to update your info every 3 years, but surely I had another month or so before the three years were up since DH and I haven’t quite been married 3 years and I didn’t get the card until after we were married. I sent an instant message to the librarian and she said it was indeed time to update my info.

DD and I went to the library the next day and the employee I asked about my card expiring said it would have expired October 5. So apparently they give you a months notice. She asked to see my Drivers license. She asked if the address on it was current. Nope! I think they already had my current address in the system, but the girl asked if I had some mail with me showing my current address. No. Who carries their mail around with them??? So, she extended my cards expiration date, but said to bring in some mail the next time I come in. I was racking my brain to think of something I could even bring in. All of our bills are in DH name! But then I remembered I had just gotten a bank statement that I could bring in. Phew! (Now that I think about it though, when I lived in Canada, I just sent mail to myself at my new address and used that to get a library card! So, in a pinch, I could do the same thing here).

It hadn’t even dawned on me that they’d want proof of my residence in order to renew my card. But I go to the library at least once a week, so I’ll just have to remember to bring some mail in with me next time. I am just so relieved to have that all behind me.

Seriously, I am not joking when I say I was in a panic when I thought the library was going to ban me forever.


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