James Study

Once again, my church is offering a host of wonderful Bible Studies this semester.  I’d love to join one, but just don’t feel that it would work out very well since most of the studies are in the morning, during DD nap time.  I also have some reservations about putting her in child care  while I’m in Bible Study.  There is another online study that meets once a month on the weekend (which is what I did last semester), but I’ve already done the study they are doing!

So, I am opting to do an online study that a blogger I follow  is leading.  It’s on the book of James in the Bible.  Part of the online study is to write a blog post corresponding to the chapter you are studying that week.  I hope to get a post up here each week of the study.  Some people are planning to memorize the entire book of James!  It’s 5 chapters long, which is surely a lot shorter than other books in the Bible, but it’s still a lot to memorize, in my opinion!Several years back I went to a seminar where the leader suggested memorizing the Psalm that corresponds with your age each year.  I started with Psalm 27, but I never did learn the entire Psalm.  I started again this year with Psalm 32 a few months ago.  I’m still working on memorizing the entire Psalm.   DH said I better hope I don’t live to be 119, because Psalm 119 is the longest one there is!

Isn’t it amazing how we can memorize lyrics to songs, the names of celebrity babies etc.  But when it comes to memorizing the Bible, it can be such a challenge?  And not something we are overly motivated to do?  I’ll be honest.  I have been terrible at memorizing Bible verses my whole life.  I do often hear or read the same verses from time to time and I recognize them, but probably wouldn’t be able to outright quote them without any help.  Hopefully I can gradually work at memorizing more verses as well as the Psalm that corresponds with my age each year.


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