Happy Labor Day!

I’m taking a break from my Vancouver series of posts to post on some more recent things.
As is typical for us on any three day weekend, we barbecued!  And by we, I, of course, mean my DH!  He grilled up hot dogs (my favorite), sirloin steak (his favorite) and corn on the cob, DD favorite!  He also cut a cucumber lengthwise, into four pieces and grilled that.  DH and DD really liked it.  I couldn’t bother wasting space in my stomach for something so healthy, so I passed.
We tried to go to the Hot Air balloon festival bright and early on Saturday to see the balloons go up, but it was cancelled due to high winds.  I’ve gone to the festival in my hometown several times and it was never cancelled when I was there.  But, both times we’ve tried to go here, it was cancelled.   The last time, we tried to go at 8pm for the balloon glo and it was cancelled due to thunderstorms.
In the 35 years since the festival has been around, there was only one year (2003) that they had to cancel the entire weekend.  I bet that was a bummer for everyone!   DH is ready to give up on going in the future since we haven’t had any luck, but I hope one day, DD will get to go and see the balloons up close.
Here’s the cool thing.  Sunday morning DD and I skipped our usual morning walk since it was only 43 degrees outside.  But we did go to the grocery store.  And would you believe that from the parking lot, we saw 8 hot air balloons in the sky!  It was sooo cool!
This morning, I found out that the balloons were going to be out again, so DD and I headed to another store, one that is closer to where the balloons take off and we saw over 20 balloons!  I brought the camera along and took some pictures.  I’m confused though.  Isn’t the camera supposed to add 10 pounds?  The balloons looked much bigger in person than they do in the pictures.  Shouldn’t they look bigger in the pictures???

Can you see the balloons way off in the distance?

I started playing with the zoom feature on my camera. They are a bit more noticeable now.

And after zooming in x9, you can really see the hot air balloons!

I was so happy that DD was able to see them.  One of our neighbors has a hot air balloon hanging tree ornament  and I’ve been telling DD that she’d get to see a hot air balloon in real life soon.  Sure, she didn’t get to see them as close up as if we’d been at the festival, but it was really neat to see a bunch in the sky, and close enough that DD could actually see them.

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