Welcome to my blog!  I actually have a private blog that I’ve been  using for the past couple of years that only family and close friends can see.  But there have been several occasions where I’ve written a post and found myself thinking, other people need to read this!  And so that is why I am starting this public blog.  I will be moving some of my posts from my private blog to this new one very soon.

For now, I thought I’d start out by explaining  how I came up with the name for my blog.

In 2002 I was headed to Vancouver, British Columbia for one of the biggest adventures of my life.I was going (initially) for 7 weeks in the summer to be a missionary to inner city kids.You have to realize that I had lived in the same state, even in the same city, for my entire life. In fact, I had lived within a few blocks of the same place my entire life!

So, going to another place was huge. I was going to say country, because, well Canada is separate from the US, but it’s very similar and nothing like going to Colombia, South America, which I’ll hopefully write about another time.

Anyways, I was getting ready to graduate college and was looking to do something different before I entered the work force full-time. A year or so earlier I had heard Tony Campolo preach about a missions opportunity. I longed to go, but figured I had better finish school first.

Then I met someone who had actually done a different type of missions thing that Tony Campolo had started. I was intrigued.

But, my church had a trip to Mexico planned during the same time and I wondered if I should go on that trip instead. Though it only was for 10 days or so.

(My next post will be about an interesting conversation that I had with a counselor about choosing which trip to take another time).  In the end, I went to Canada.

I am a planner and not big on the unknown, yet I really had no idea what I’d be doing in Canada! I quit my part-time job to go and I remember my co-workers asking what exactly I’d be doing there. I did know I’d be working with kids, but that’s about all I knew. Which for me, wouldn’t normally be enough information for me to make the jump and get involved.

Anyways, perhaps I can write more about my time in Canada later, but this post is getting too long. Be forewarned, most of my posts will probably be too long 🙂

So, I was a bit freaked at the prospect of going to Vancouver, not knowing for sure what I’d be doing, and not knowing a single soul that I’d be working with/living with there.

So on the plane ride I noticed there was a print out of a Bible verse on my tray. And it came from Psalms 136

I wish I could say that I still have that slip of paper, but I don’t 😦

But I’ve never forgotten it. To me it was an encouragement from God that all was going to be okay.

There is also a great song that has those words in it:


Every time I hear that song or Psalm, it is a reminder of God’s faithfulness. And that, my friends, is how I came up with the name for this blog.

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